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30th-Nov-2011 03:08 pm - almost a year later...
growing keyboard grass
livejournal, it has been a very long time.

i have decided to pick up writing random shenanigans again simply because my muse has been repeatedly hitting me over the head with plot-bunnies... and getting angry because i have neither time or place to elaborate on them. which makes me sad, really, because i still want writing to be a large part of my life. anyway, to prevent my muse bashing me to mental death, i've decided to post daily things to keep it satisfied. so i might as well talk about my current scenario.

numero uno: i am in perth no longer!

rather, i've procured possibly the easiest internship in the world at a certain stainless steel company in hong kong, before going to the mainlnd and visiting rellies before hightailing it back to oz in time for the new university semester.

my day goes something like this: wake up at 8.55 absolutely starving, roll out of bed and into clothes for the day. (previously i got up at the slightly more respectable time of 8.30 so i could take a shower, but my sleeping habits are all outta whack and i was never a morning person anyway.) get out the door at 9 and walk to the train station, catch the train with possibly the entire population of upper kowloon and sit down at my desk at 9.30. work til 1, fill my raging stomach, go back to work by 2, work til 7, fill my slightly-less-raging-but-still-not-happy-jan stomach, go back to the dorm, somehow stay up til midnight looking up fuck-all on my laptop (coughphelpstwinscough), sleep.

weekends are a little different. it is either a: sleep til i really can't stand the hunger pangs anymore (which is anywhere from midday to 3), roll out of bed, shower, and wander through hong kong to satisfy hunger and curiosity, then wander back when stomach demands dinner, or b: get up at 7am on the saturday, catch the train to my friend's place and stay there til monday, where i'll wake at 7 to get to work on time.

perks of the job (and there are alot): accommodation, aka the dorm, is free. free utilities and free (oh happy days) wi-fi. i get my own room (which, admittedly, is wayy bigger than the room i was renting back home in oz...). lunch is provided every weekday, which is an everchanging menu with shitloads of vegies. and it's freaking delicious. yet to sample a dish that i even remotely disliked. dinner is provided on three nights. the work is easy and the people are incredibly helpful and friendly. oh, and i have my own computer station at work with access to as much internet as i like. on top of that, i'm getting paid. life is pretty darn good right about now.

not-so-glamorous stuff: i become bored extremely quickly. so when the work's not a challenge, i sink into my world and furiously daydream like there's no tomorrow, mostly about the places i'm going to travel once i finally get my degree. also, my room in the dorm doesn't have a window. this doesn't seem like such a bad thing. hell, i didn't think so until the first morning. woke up and it was pitch black (because hey, no window). looked at the time, and it was 3. pm. in the afternoon. it dawned on me with very startling clarity that as the world's biggest night owl i was going to be screwed getting up for work each day. it also really hurts your eyes. you know how you're in a dark room and some asshole suddenly turns on the lights? that's happening to me, every. single. day. every morning i'm reminded of this bit from black beauty where beauty comments on the light hurting his eyes after sleeping in a windowless stall and how horses have gone blind from it (is three months enough to go blind? i wonder. oh well, something to google at work.)

so yeah, anyway, this is where i'm at right now, will get right back into it the nest time round.
31st-Dec-2010 06:00 pm - 2010 wrap-up
just wanna have fun
oh god, could it really be the end of the year already?? only a few months ago I was thinking about doing this, then realising it was still too far off… and suddenly today realising that if i didn’t do it it would be too late!! all I can say before the usual proceedings is that it’s been a good year, and that if the next one, and ones after that are as good (or better!) then i couldn’t ask for more! 

do you really want to know...?Collapse )
30th-May-2010 05:11 pm - fic: he's just not that into you
growing keyboard grass

title: he's just not that into you
category: bleach
rating: some spice (to be safe)
involves: rukia kuchiki oblivious to the signs and well-founded rumours of soul society that ichigo kurosaki regards her as more than a friend.
author's notes: a series of ichigo x rukia one-shots. first bleach fic, so constructive criticism is very much appreciated!

"You," Rangiku announced, "need to wake up."Collapse )

24th-Mar-2010 10:25 pm - deviantart profile change
just wanna have fun

probably of no concern whatsoever to most, but i've deleted my previous deviantart account and set up another (simply because on d/a, you can't change your username, which is terribly inconvenient when you gave your account a spur-of-the-moment, cringeworthy title).

bloomfield rival is the new account. i hope to put up a lot of concept art for cc-ing and i expecially hope to see you there!

mood:  satisfied

much love and peace,


2nd-Jan-2010 10:12 am - 2009 wrap-up.
just wanna have fun
aaaaahhh, another year. at the beginning, all our teachers said that this year would go by the quickest. naturally, at most you half-believe them. but now that i'm sitting here typing this, i know that they were most definitely correct. this year has done a lot for me - it's made most of my flaws painfully obvious. that's a bad thing, but also a good thing - i can learn, and i hope i'll continue learning throughout my life.

after all, what's the point of living on if you know everything?

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15th-Apr-2009 12:22 pm - fic: burn
growing keyboard grass

title: burn
category: avatar: the last airbender
rating: some spice
involves: an exiled prince who once again finds himself wanting what he can't have
author's notes: initial kataang, eventual zutara. first shot at an avatar fic. tried to keep the references as true to the original show as possible, seeing as i hate it when characters are oc and/or canon is largely ignored. and that to do so would make me one helluva hypocrite.

also like to say that i dislike kataang as much as i dislike sanjinami and ichihime. which means i loathe it.


And so they begin.Collapse )
19th-Feb-2009 08:57 pm - fic: all these lives
growing keyboard grass
title: all these lives
category: misc
rating: squeaky clean
involves: problems, so many problems...
author's notes: my entry for the tim winton awards. focuses on global issues and whatnot. created from a prompt by my school's writing club, where the words 'the moon', 'robbery', 'friends', 'crammed', 'child', 'reprieve', 'like', and 'invincible' must be used. also, the book included in this fic, The Reprieve, is a real-life book and, if you look it up, you'll find that it's not a random choice just to scratch a word off the list. also, apologies for the annoying extra large spaces :/


A little girl looks up at the moon and sees beauty.Collapse )
24th-Dec-2008 12:17 pm - 2008 wrap-up. no pun intended.
just wanna have fun

alas and woe, this'll be the last lj post of the year (off to die on a plane to melbourne then sydney for ten days XD). so, go figures, why not do a wrap-up of the year? this is also for me to look back on, so don't worry. i'm laughing at myself as well.

do you really wanna know...?Collapse )
it'll be interesting to compare this to 2009, considering by then i'll probably be screaming at myself at how stupid i was that i didn't put something smarter/wittier/more relevant... that is, if i haven't done nanowrimo and therefore am not using the summer hols as a suitable period to hibernate. so, hi future self! please don't kill me. if you do, you'll never exist!!

anyways, i'll get off now to watch the nightmare before christmas (one of the best movies e-vaah) on the plane. hope yous all have an awesome x-mas and new year, and i'll see ya in 2009 for more madness and crack!
mood: relaxed

18th-Dec-2008 04:46 pm - fic: the night went on
growing keyboard grass
title: the night went on
category: one piece
rating: squeaky clean
involves: a navigator's relationship with six different nakama at six different points in time
author's notes: nami-centric with no couplings, though i do have a subtle mention of sanji x robin. for all franky x robin fans out there, i'm awful sorry... i can't make up my mind between the two >.< this is just a mindless little thing that looks at nami's interactions with her nakama up until robin up until the end of events at enies lobby. no spoilers here. this was inspired by my random musings as to where chopper would go if he had nightmares. in this one i changed it so that he was feeling homesick as he's just left drum.



Luffy comes to her like a man on a missionCollapse )
25th-Oct-2008 08:19 pm - about yourself meme
just wanna have fun
meme stolen from73737  (who in turn stole it frommishagirl  XD)

do you really wanna know...?Collapse )
mood: sleepy


ps. as a side-note, the lie was number two. apart from a handful most anime are just... weird...

pps. a multi-chapter fic in the making. (purely a test-fic but, so there's a 99.9% chance i won't finish it...)
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